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Flat Power Transmission

Unlock the potential of seamless and efficient power transmission with Vaughn Belting’s flat power transmission products. Our comprehensive range of flat belts and related components are designed for versatility and reliability, catering to the diverse needs of industrial applications. Dive into the details of each type below and discover the optimal solution for your power transmission requirements.

Nylon Core

Rubber Covered: Vaughn Belting’s rubber-covered nylon core flat belts provide a durable and reliable solution for power transmission. With a robust nylon core at its foundation, these belts are covered in high-quality rubber for enhanced grip and longevity.

Leather Covered: Offering a classic yet effective solution, leather-covered nylon core flat belts deliver reliable power transmission with the added benefit of a leather cover. This combination ensures durability and flexibility, making them suitable for various industrial applications.

Oak Tan Leather

Single: Oak tan leather single flat belts provide a dependable solution for power transmission, boasting the natural strength and flexibility of quality leather. Ideal for applications where a single belt suffices, these belts offer reliable performance.

Double: For increased power transmission capacity, Vaughn Belting’s oak tan leather double flat belts deliver the same reliability and flexibility as their single counterparts. The dual-belt design enhances load-bearing capacity, making them suitable for heavier-duty applications.

Aramid Fiber Reinforced

Aramid fiber-reinforced flat belts are engineered for strength and durability. With the exceptional tensile strength of aramid fibers, these belts offer reliable power transmission, making them ideal for applications requiring enhanced load-bearing capacity and longevity.


Vaughn Belting’s Quickmelt flat belts are designed for efficiency and ease of use. These belts feature a quick-melting design, making installation and splicing a breeze. Quickmelt flat belts are a convenient solution for applications where swift and straightforward maintenance is essential.

Rubber/Polyester Reinforced (Tan Transmission)

For dependable power transmission with added flexibility, Vaughn Belting’s rubber/polyester reinforced (tan transmission) flat belts are an excellent choice. The combination of rubber and polyester reinforcement ensures strength, resilience, and consistent performance.

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