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Belt Surveys by Vaughn Belting Company:

As part of our service and customer focused approach, our well-trained sales staff can help provide a belt survey of the equipment in your facility. With a keen understanding of the need for accurate information, our team will measure your conveyors and provide the following:

  1. Belt width
  2. Belt length
  3. Belt style
  4. What the finished product is… (Laced, Endless, Prepared ends, etc.)
  5. Conveyor Number if required by the customer.
  6. Any type of information about covers, cleats, guides as needed.
  7. In addition to conveyors in the plant, we will also provide info for belting in the supply room as required.

Additionally, we can also help provide information on conveyor related items. We have available Bearings, Motors, Gearboxes, Roller Chain as well as many others.

Ask one of our customer service or sales team members about us providing this service for your company.