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Located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Vaughn Belting Company is a regional fabricator and distributor of industrial belts and belting supplies. We provide products and services to manufacturing companies primarily in the Southeast, but also serve customers across the nation and internationally. Vaughn is founded upon the principles of providing quality and competitively-priced products with value-added service and timely delivery.

The SERVICES that Vaughn Belting offers are the cornerstone of our business. Read more about the unique offerings of our value-added service HERE.


Vaughn Belting Company has been in operation since 1928, when it was founded as the Vaughn-Huff Belting Company. It later changed ownership to Joseph and Bessie Vaughn, who began its operation as Vaughn Belting Company. From 1930 to 1951, the company operated in several locations in the Spartanburg area, primarily serving the textile industry. In 1951, it was purchased by Mr. Joseph C. Alberts, Jr., who positioned the company as a leader in loom parts recovery and leather sales to the textile industry.


The focus of the company began to shift when its ownership changed to Joseph F. Schachner Jr. in 1986. At this time,            Mr. Schachner diversified Vaughn’s products and services, offering not only leather, but also power transmission products, endless belts, and many other items.

Brian Schachner joined his father in the business in 1991, later purchasing it in 2000.  Under Brian’s leadership, the company continued to grow and now serves a diverse set of customers throughout the Southeast.  Seeking to position the company for continued growth, Brian sold the company to Cumulus Companies, Inc. in 2019 and continues to serve as its President.  Cumulus is a family-owned and operated investment and management company with roots dating back to 1949.  Cumulus has several distribution, fabrication and manufacturing businesses serving a broad array of industries.

With an eye on the future, Vaughn Belting Co. is continually adjusting to the economic and industrial changes that affect the belting industry. Using state-of-the-art equipment and high quality materials, the future is bright.


Vaughn Belting prides itself on a talented, experienced group of individuals working within our sales and management teams. Constantly striving for customer satisfaction, the staff at Vaughn continues to employ and uphold a rigorous set of principles that ensure our success:


  • Quality assurance through a rigorous quality control program, checking the product at each stage of the vertically-integrated process


  • Competitive pricing with value-added service


  • Customer service that is tailored to the needs of the customer to meet or exceed expectations


  • Long-term, lasting partnerships with customers, rather than short-lived sales encounters


  • Timely deliveries by means of an expansive inventory and quick turnaround time


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